Higher Reimbursement

You’re seeing patients and spending time with them. Shouldn't you be paid fairly for your time? Physician Partners contracts are often significantly above what an individual physician can receive on their own. Our members have told us what reimbursement is acceptable to them, and if a contract doesn't meet that threshold, then the contract is not made effective.

Choose up to 31 Contracts

Each physician member is provided with a list of the 31 contracts offered at the beginning of their membership, and again every year after that. Physicians make their own independent decisions about contract participation, so you aren't forced to see patients covered by a contract you don’t like.

Your Control, Your Billing

Physician Partners does not do any billing or collection. You control your own collections, set your own charges, and manage your own business. And each physician practice is independent from the others, so there’s no reason to worry about losing control of your practice.

Delegated Credentialing

All of the payers have delegated credentialing to Physician Partners. What does this mean for the practice? No additional applications to complete. No need to fax endless documentation to all of the payers. And best of all, once you've told us which plans you want to contract with, we notify the plans and they add you. It takes the paperwork burden off of your staff, and allows it to move more quickly.