Straight Forward Contracts

Our contracts are easy to read and to understand, with no hidden fees or renewals that are not clear. Our contracts are designed with our customers’ needs as a priority and tailored to allow you to choose the best options that meet your needs and budget.

Flexible Service

Our goal is to provide you the most seamless and convenient service, as well as maintaining the highest standards of compliance/regulation and customer service. We will work with you to arrange the best schedule and frequency of service that will meet your needs.

Waste and Compliance Audits

Put our four decades of experience to work for you. We will evaluate your complete waste handling practices, as well as the overall environmental footprint of your practice. We can assist with recycling, and advise you on best practices to become a “greener” facility, as well as ensuring that you are always in compliance with all Federal, State and Local regulations.

Comprehensive Compliance Services

Compliance services are an additional service we provide to ensure all of our customers are educated in the latest regulatory compliance and safety training. All clients have access to the OSHA compliance web portal for safety information, training resources, safety data sheets, and much, much more. The changes in healthcare laws and regulations are continuous and the MET portal allows you constant access to the regulations and material you need to manage your practice.