Save Up to 25% on Your Credit Card Processing!

Are you receiving the best possible rates for your merchant processing with your current bank? Odds are, you’re spending too much. Saving up to 25% on your monthly fees could save your practice well over $1,000 each year.

Reduce Collection Costs and Increase Revenues

Spending thousands of dollars each year tracking down your collections? Our program has features that empower you to securely capture and store a patient’s credit or bank card on file, before they leave the office.

Payment Arrangements for High-Deductible Management

Setting up automated payment arrangements with high-deductible patients is a growing concern within our medical community. Our credit card processing program enables your practice to set-up patient payment arrangements and be completely PCI, EMV, & HIPAA compliant.

No Contracts. No Hassle.

Physician Partners members gain prime access, straight to the source, bottom line pricing, without the headaches of a complicated long-term contract. Our goal is to provide the best prices and the best service, period.

Credit Card Compliance Regulations are Changing in 2015!

This year compliance regulations are changing to a new technology called "EMV". This means all standard credit & bank cards will have chips embedded in them, and you’ll need new hardware to process the new cards. Our program has simplified solutions, at very affordable pricing.