Medicare Reimbursements to Increase in San Diego County

Last week legislation passed a bill that eliminates the GPI penalty that designated San Diego as a rural area. This means that San Diego Physicians will, on average, receive higher Medicare Reimbursements on claims submitted.

In the following article, the Union Tribune talks with Physician Partner member Dr. Mo Bidair about his thoughts on these changes and how he hopes to be affected.

State Medicare Reimbursements to Rise

By Paul Sisson, U-T San Diego
April 5, 2014

An additional $14,300 per year in his pocket sounds downright delightful to Dr. Mo Bidair.

He is one of about 7,000 doctors in San Diego County affected by a bill that President Barack Obama signed this week. The legislation alters the way Medicare payments are adjusted for the cost of living in California.

Since such adjustments were created in 1989, San Diego has been lumped in with other “rural” counties such as Imperial and Yuba while regions considered to have higher costs of living, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, have received their own special designations.

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