Legislation Delays ICD-10 for Another Year, Addresses Medicare Reimbursement

3 Big Wins for San Diego County Physicians!

As you probably know, Congress passed, and the President signed, legislation to:

• Postpone the Medicare reimbursement reduction;
• Eliminate the GPCI penalty that designated San Diego as a rural area; and
• Postpone ICD-10 implementation for another year.

Congratulations and Thank You to:
• Dr. Ted Mazer (Physician Partners Board member),
• Congressman Darrell Issa (and his staff),
• San Diego County Medical Society and
• CMA.

Now that those hurdles are behind everyone, Physician Partners and the Physician Resource Center are working hard to provide our physicians with:
• Payer contracts;
• Technology to improve practices;
• New Revenue and Cost-Saving opportunities; and
• New Patient-Engagement tools.

Just so you know, these will be highlighted at the April 17th Showcase – I look forward to seeing you there!