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Individual Disability Income Insurance

Is your ability to earn an income — your most valuable asset — adequately protected?

What’s your most important asset really worth?
Did you ever think about how much you’ll earn before retirement? Consider someone aged 35 who earns $80,000 a year and has another 32 years before retirement.

That’s $2.5 million in earnings until retirement – and that’s not including any salary increases over the years!


Is your ability to earn an income protected?
At some point in your career, you may find yourself totally disabled by sickness or injury and unable to work.

Why take chances with your income? Is your most important asset protected? Even if you have protection through your employer, it may not be enough.


MassMutual can help.

MassMutual’s individual disability income (DI) insurance can help protect your most important asset – your income. We provide coverage based on your income and financial situation.


MassMutual’s individual DI is:

  • Comprehensive coverage that can provide a monthly benefit if you become totally disabled and unable to work due to a sickness or injury and are under a doctor’s care.
  • Flexible and provides you with options to tailor coverage just right for your specific needs so you can control premium expense without sacrificing benefits.

Also, customizing your policy helps ensure a policy that’s just right for you. A MassMutual disability income insurance policy can be issued with optional riders1 (at an additional cost) to address many disability income insurance needs, including:

  • offering benefits in the event that you are totally disabled and cannot perform the main duties of your occupation and while you are working in another occupation,
  • covering up to 100% pre-disability earned income in the event of a catastrophic disability,
  • helping benefits keep pace with inflation,
  • providing supplemental income should you return to work part time during a period of disability, and
  • giving you the option to increase your benefit amount sometime in the future, even if you experience a change in health (provided you are not disabled).


What if one of your employees suffers an illness or injury, making him or her unable to perform the duties of his or her job?
MassMutual’s disability income insurance can be used to fund a Qualified Sick Pay Plan that establishes who to pay, how much to pay, when to start payments, and how long to pay to help keep your expenses predictable, manageable and tax-deductible.*[1]

MassMutual can also help you provide solutions to your employees’ supplemental disability income insurance protection needs through a state-of-the-art, private, secure Internet site that allows them to explore coverage options and apply right online for one of our individual disability income insurance policies.


Why MassMutual?
Since 1851, MassMutual’s guiding principle is to do the right thing for its policyowners by building a reputation for quality, integrity and financial strength. Disability income insurance benefits have been provided since 1965, and have helped many people in their unexpected time of need.

As a mutual company, MassMutual does not have shareholders. Instead, its policyowners and members are often described as sharing in its ownership. This generally means that if you are insured under a participating individual policy issued by MassMutual, you are a member entitled to vote for the Company’s board of directors. And if you also own the policy, you may be eligible to share in any dividends the company may declare.*[2]


For more information, please contact:

Lisa Frankovich
Financial Sales Representative
CA Insurance License #OG60868
(619) 281-9890

Patricia Ward, LUTCF
Financial Services Representative
CA Insurance License #OG72810
(619) 281-9890


[1] Riders may not be available in all states.

[2] Certain disability income insurance policies offered by MassMutual pay dividends, if any are declared, to the “premium payor” who may not be the policyowner. Dividends are not guaranteed.



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