My Baby’s beat was first launched on 2011 and is the leader of pregnancy apps category ever since. Use your phone’s microphone to hear your baby’s heartbeat sound.

Key features include:

  • You can record, and share the recordings via email, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp
  • No accessories required!
  • My Baby’s Beat was designed for weeks 30-40. Some customers report success as early as week 20, but if you are not in weeks 30-40, keep in mind that the chances of success are low.
  • Safety first: We recommend switching your phone to airplane mode, to stop all mobile and Internet transmissions before using this app, just as a precaution as a means to avoid any cellular concerns. (The app itself does not activate any features that emit waves of any kind. It only taps the microphone, “captures” abdominal sounds, and amplifies them.)

Note: Only available in Beta Trial for google play users.